Wild Flowers


So why did I create a series of digital paintings of bizarre flowers? And why did I decide to starting adding AI generative elements on top? Very good questions. Flowers seemed like a very good way of showing something visually expressive, something that can be eye-catching, wildly varied, bright and wonderfully colourful. And part of their beauty comes from the fact they are also fragile and fleeting. A flower showing off it’s perfect beautiful petals today, might begin to wilt and die tomorrow. Flowers can be seen as expressions of a key moment from life – something unique to us all, or indeed of life itself – as each life is unique and wonderful but will ultimately die and leave only a memory. As for the use of AI alteration, this is because unlike many species, humans have the ability and inclination to modify themselves, to alter their appearance if they don’t feel the one they have suits how they feel. This can be as simple as changing clothes or as complex as surgically changing gender identity. So why should a painting of a flower, created to represent a feeling or emotion, be fixed or limited by what I can physically create. So for this series of paintings I have decided to create a fully painted flowers in different scenes, then depending on the individual image, augment and alter it to better suit its situation. As my recent work often focuses on gender, pink and blue still play a strong part of the visual representation.

The digital paintings

Painting - Resilience

Painting 1:

This piece is all about the need to feel guarded and protect with metal petals, but these begin to rust and fail, whilst the keen inner stamen push forth with new confidence.

Painting - Burning Bright

Painting 2:
Burning Bright

This piece is all about visibility. The hard work is all but unseen and lost in dull background, but the petals burn brightly for all to see and observe, but will the flames won’t last long.

Painting - Wallflowers

Painting 3:

This piece is about trying to reach new heights. Feeling that you can be seen at certain stages only, known only for certain things. Clinging to what’s familiar is safe but reaching out from certain points becomes visible but also vulnerable.

Painting - Burning Turmoil

Painting 4:
Burning Turmoil

This piece is about frustration, turmoil and even anger. Many strands have worked hard to reach out from the darkness but ultimately have been burnt and damaged.

Painting - Glowing Strands

Painting 5:
Glowing Strands

This piece is about hope. That sometimes good things do happen at the right time in the right place. That each person can have a good day. The petals of these plants are healthy and positive, reaching out with positivity.